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P R O F E S S I O N A L 
S U M M E R  S T U D I E S

All dancer will be given mentorship, guidance, and insight into outside Summer study programs that may best suit their interests, ages, and collegiate/professional aspirations. DASH faculty will give recommendations based on each individual artist which will be discussed during first semester parent conferences. 

C O L L E G I A T E  A D V I S M E N T

High school artists entering their Junior year will begin College advisement with Gregory Dolbashian for college preparation during the beginning of the first semester and will continue through their Senior year.  Specific conference hours will be dedicated to Seniors in order to guide them through the application process as well as prepare for auditions. Opportunities for artists to engage and study with figures in collegiate and professional setting will take place throughout the DASH Academy program. Juniors and Seniors will be given specific opportunities in order to help guide the collegiate and professional decisions as well as build relationships that may enhance their opportunities. DASH Academy cannot guarantee acceptance into any professional or collegiate program. However, we do take seriously the future of our artists and hope to guide them and offer them opportunity possible to meet their goals.

M E N T A L  S K I L L S  C O A C H I N G  F O R  Y O U N G  S K I L L S

DASH Academy holds the beliefs that mental skills training is part of the foundation that aims to build a sustained commitment to achieving personal and artistic goals. It is the nurturing of our artists' mind that encourages positive growth and high self-esteem. Each week Academy artists will be led by Co-Founder Lindsey Pettus in mental skills coaching. Concepts such as social comparison, self-motivation, anxiety, and creating healthy habits will be the focal points of methodologies studied. Lindsey holds a degree in education and child development and currently continues her studies in mindfulness and mental health with Amanda Stretcher.

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