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Grown Up Fairytales


The DASH's new 2 act production, Grown Up Fairytales is structured around a series of episodes that act as a magnified looking glass of interactions that provide an opportunity for us to recognize and re-frame ourselves in each other. I invite you to locate yourself in the performer, to recognize your own dramas translated in fierce, physical language, and to see yourself falling and flying represented as the hero of your own existence. Grown Up Fairy Tales comes from our continued fascination with familiar storylines of love, conflict, and loss, and the body's role in providing the illustrative shape of those stories. A blend of dialogue, contemporary dance, and theatrical gesture, Grown Up Fairy Tales offers up a dynamic and engaging treatment of live performance.



Everything premiered at NYU's The Jack Crystal Theater on July 1st 2016; Performers: Chris Bloom, Tessa Crawford, Allie Grayson, Isaias Santamaria Perez, Christopher Ralph, Lauren Santos, and Gregory Dolbashian; Production and Lighting: Charlie Winter; Costumes: Caitlin Taylor; Music: Mixed and arranged by Gregory Dolbashian with selections from Colleen, Murcof, Forest Swords, and East End; Text: Created by Gregory Dolbashian; Dramturge: Bill Williams



Highlights of The DASH Ensemble performing in The CRAWL Series Sept 2015 Warehouse show Choreography by Gregory Dolbashian & The DASH

The Re-Up


The Re-Up is a full company work that is constantly changing. The piece can be expanded to fill an evening or can be broken down to fit smaller performing slots. Every time we perform this work we change it and "re-up" it. It features highlights and extractions from other DASH works, but also always contains new ideas and surprises appropriate for the space or setting we are performing in. This video is from our most recent Re-Up performance at SummerStage in Central Park.



DASHOW is an evening-length work for the entire company that incorporates dance, theater, and storytelling. DASHOW is a narrative dance work that offers an eclectic accounting of a new universe painted with texture and intimacy that evokes a universally personal experience of transitioning to adulthood from childhood, as well as interpersonal relationships ,laughter, love, loss and redemption.

Awkward Magic


Premiere: 2015 at Joe's Pub for DanceNOW presents
Dolbashian one-man show-style series of personal coming of age vignettes and stories told through narrative and dance, performed alongside Deborah Lohse and Jordan Isadore



Pluck was first premiered in November of 2013 at The NuDances Festival at The Riverside Church Theater. It later evolved to be a part of The DASH's cumulative work known as "The Re-Up". Pluck looks at the necessity of self-encouragement in your pursuits of ambition, love, and war.

On Blast


On Blast premiered at The NuDance's Festival in December 2012 at Riverside Church Theatre. It is choreographed by Gregory Dolbashian. Music is by Johan Johansson, Clams Casino, and Olafur Arnalds. Lighting is by Burke J. Wilmore.

Go H.A.M.


Premiere: 2012 at Joe's Pub DanceNOW Fest

A tough and tender duet filled with vibrancy, fun, heart, and a mash up of colorful styles both in dance and music

If we Were


If we Were is a physicalized examination of what it takes to be inspired and create. It premiered at the Joyce Summer Sampler Series in June 2011. Costumes by Christopher Vergara. Music by NPR's Radiolab, James Monroe, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Marsen Jules, and Tim Hecker.

Overwhelmed by You


Premiere: 2011 New York Live Arts

What happens when we start to get to know who is looking back at us in the mirror

Just Go On With Your Life... 


Premiere 2010 Reverb Festival

 A look at the creative process and the pursuit of purpose for an artists as a metaphor for the human experience and condition as a whole



SUNDOWNING is the 2009 Joyce SoHo debut production of the New York-based contemporary dance company, The DASH Ensemble. The evening-length work is comprised of several highly physical chapters that blur the line between the rational and psychotic mind. The concert takes its audience through a daring display of deep connections between its characters and the connections they make within themselves through both real and imaginative circumstances. The term “sundowning” refers to a state of confusion at the end of the day and into the night, often leading to a state of increased agitation, activity and even borderline demented behavior. All types of agitating behaviors are forms of communication. The company uses this phenomenon as a platform to display a broad abstraction of self-realization showing that no matter how far one’s mind can take him outside the realm of what is deemed “real,” a person can and will obtain a very real and tangible result in his own development. Music by Max Richter, Colleen, Daedalus, and Peter Broderick. Lighting by Burke J. Wilmore, and costumes by Gregory Dolbashian.

Paper Crane Gang


Premiere: 2007 Reverb Festival

One of our first original works, a male trio with an emphasis on fraternal and competitive bonds told through a lens. Dynamics, physical risk, and a touch of humor.

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