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Check out Grgory Dolbashian and The DASH working on Daniil Simkin's INTENSIO

DASHOW premiering April 3rd! 1 night ONLY
Location: The DiMenna Center 450 west 37th st between 9th and 10th
When: 7pm

And also look out for our first film collaboration with Charlie Wan, DAYWALKING to drop Dec 1st

"The Re-Up" promo by The Dash Ensemble from Charlie Wan on Vimeo.

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The DASH Ensemble is a diverse company of dance artists with a shared commitment to expanding physical and theatrical boundaries of contemporary dance in the twenty-first century, while exploring and challenging the potential of individual artistic realization of new movement expressions, within a group guided and founded by artistic director Gregory Dolbashian.

The DASH Ensemble is a New York City based contemporary dance group
founded and directed by Gregory Dolbashian. Combining elements of modern, hip hop, floor work and physical theater Dolbashian has created his own unique style of contemporary dance with an urban flair. The DASH seeks to bring out relatable human elements in all of its work using its complex and challenging movement language to express ideas about growth, love, loss, war, and determination.

With a group of six incredibly diverse artists both in style and cultures, Dolbashian pulls from the specialties of each artist to help create the fusions of styles that the DASH exhibits. These skills range from breakdancing, flexing, contemporary floor work, intricate partnering, and even a touch of classicism. The DASH gets its name from the belief as follows:

Birthdate (--) Death Date and that dash in between those is your lifespan. Life is The DASH, and everything that we focus our work on is about that life. Our work depicts our life, and the events that occur in it, no matter how big or how small always feel epic, and it is that feeling that we aim to deliver throughout our performance work.





















"Like The Eagle" The JOYCE 2011 Christopher Duggan Photography