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D A N C E  E D U C A T I O N 

DASH Academy takes seriously the responsibility of shaping the next generation of dance artists and leaders. That is why all students receive exceptional artistic training, guidance, and professional development from DASH Academy Co-Founders Gregory Dolbashian and Lindsey Pettus. This is in addition to the full-time faculty members Joshua Peugh, and Julia Buckelew, along with other highly educated guest faculty from around the world.  Studies in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, musical theater, and street styles will be highlighted throughout the year.

Composition classes will be offered both during fall and spring semesters. These classes will encourage artists to think creativley and critically about their art while using their own style of movement to express an idea, story, or feeling. High School students will use their studies in composition to compose a piece for all students to perform at the end of the spring semester. 

D A N C E  P E R F O R M A N C E S

All young artists will participate in our DASH Academy Annual Winter showcase and our end of the year Spring Show. Artists will be taken through a professionally based choreographic process with Gregory Dolbashian throughout the Fall semester in preparation for the Winter showcase. During our Spring semester all artists will help produce our end of the year Spring Show, both choreographically and administratively. High school students will be in charge of the creative work as well as stage management, budget, promotional materials, costume design, and other  entrepreneurial practices. Middle school students will aid in promoting the show and offering support to designated show needs.

T R A I N I N G  H O U R S

DASH Academy Extended Term dedicates two and a half hours a day for immersive dance training, and choreography. One hour a week will be spent with our resident Physical Therapist Julia Buckelew who will work on anatomy of the body, strength training and injury prevention. Through in-depth movement training, each young artist will be challenged to develop the mental and physical stamina necessary to step confidently into the field ready to succeed.

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