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Madison Square Park welcomes contemporary dance company, The DASH Ensemble to take residency in the Park from August 21-24.

With the rhythms of the Park and New York City as their backdrop, The DASH Ensemble presents Human Nature in conjunction with Leonardo Drew’s public art project City in the Grass. These fiercely energetic dancers invite the public to observe their rehearsal process and performances within Drew’s metaphorical cityscape.

The DASH Ensemble is guided and founded by New York native Gregory Dolbashian. Combining elements of modern, hip hop, floor work and physical theater, Dolbashian has created a unique style of contemporary dance and theatricality with an urban flair. The DASH seeks to evoke human elements using complex movement to express growth, love, loss, war, and determination.

The DASH Ensemble will lead a movement improvisation masterclass in the Park followed by a performance on Friday and Saturday. Stay tuned for a detailed schedule of events.

Collaborator: Leonardo Drew

To see wonderful work by our inspiring artist in collaboration with the company, enter the link below!


Madison Square Park

The Park is offering amazing events and beautiful sights all Summer. Learn more about them through our link!


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