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Thank you so much for supporting The DASH and Gregory Dolbashian for our first decade of creation and performance.

Our team is in the exciting process of developing and building our second creative and educational home down south in Dallas, TX with our first focus being the continued growth and activity of our Academy programs. Over time we will continue to integrate our Ensemble and Academy artists and organizations together to bring you a new and eclectic intergenerational company of arts, education, and growth.

If you wish to enjoy recent and past dance works from Gregory Dolbashian and The DASH Ensemble please visit our repertory and gallery pages at the links below. To support our growing family, you can make a donation also at its respective link.

Thank you for the continued commitment and warmth you have shared with us over the years and if you are newly finding out about The DASH, we welcome you to our family, and look forward to much more. 


If you are looking for well priced classes taught at Gibney Dance Center by some of the worlds leading artists, look no further. Enter the Playground, A program Co-Founded by our Directior Gregory Dolbashian and NYC native artist Loni Landon.