Gregory Dolbashian's 2020 Schedule

  • January

    On January 15th Greg will be teaching at the 92nd St. Y during the Dance Forward Winter Intensive.

  • Feburary

    For this entire month Greg will be in San Francisco at LINES Ballet teaching movement invention and composition. He will also be teaching a new seminar, Life is Choreography: The arrangement and organization of goals, spirit, habit and entrepreneurial approaches for the working artist.

  • March

    This month Greg will be in New York City rehearsing with his company, The DASH Ensemble, as they remount their evening length production of "Grown Up Fairytales". There will be a small in studio showing of the work this month for an invited audience on a day to be determined.

  • April

    A trip to Europe is in store this month as Greg heads to Dresden, Germany for a new creation in collaboration with Joseph Hernandez to be presented April 18th and 19th.

  • May

    Greg will be back in NYC continuing to work with his company on their piece "Grown Up Fairy Tales".

  • June

    From June 12th to the 16th the DASH Ensemble, some selected artists, and Greg will be in a residency at NYU that will end with a showing. From June 25th to the 27th The DASH Ensemble will be presenting 3 nights of Grown Up Fairy Tales at Gibney Dance Company Currates Program.

  • July

    Starting the 21st until the 25th Greg will be teaching and directing the Summer term of his program held at Booker T Washington HSPVA, The DASH Academy.

  • August

    Will be announced soon!

  • September

    Will be announced soon!

  • October

    Will be announced soon!

  • November

    Will be announced soon!

  • December

    Will be announced soon!

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