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w i n t e r  t e r m
a p p r o a c h

Our Summer Term, features 3 days of pre-professional dance immersion with a strong focus on movement, performance, and collaboration. Welcoming Young Artists ages 13-18 from all over the country, The DASH Academy's Winter Term features 15 plus hours of daily masterclasses from nationally recognized guest artists, participation in original choreography and repertory, and  introductory seminars on University, Conservatory, and Professional advisement.

d a n c e  e d u c a t i o n 

Our training consists of a diversity of styles including:

  • Contemporary

  • Ballet

  • Improvisation/Movement Invention

  • Various styles of Jazz & Hip Hop

p e r f o r m a n c e

Our young artists also engage in highly energized choreographic processes where they are able to put their eclectic training into full use as they collaborate in learning and performing pieces of professional-level repertory from highly acclaimed faculty members. Performances will take place at the end of the Summer Term. Tickets will be available for purchase.

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