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A C A D E M I C S 
A C A D E M I C  S T U D I E S

Young Artists attending DASH Academy Extended Term will participate in an online academic program of their choice. DASH Academy Extended Term recommends Connections Academy K-12 TTU, and IU Prep University. All programs are widely used by students in the DFW are who engage in online homeschool curriculums. Please note we encourage all families to look into more than one online virtual program, as each programs differs based on the needs of your student.

A C A D E M I C  A D V I S M E N T

During academic study hours students will be supervised. Although independent study is encouraged, we understand that some academic coaching may be necessary, therefore assistance organizing academic schedules, help notifying online teachers, and study skills advisement will be provided. Once a week each student will have a conference period. During this time grades will be reviewed for the week as well as a check in on the weekly progress of academics.

A C A D E M I C  C L A S S E S

DASH Academy houses two schools, middle school 5th-8th and high school 9th-12th. Academic hours may be split by classes. However, we also encourage and provide an integrated learning environment where peers can allow support and share ideas with one another.

A C A D E M I C  H O U R S

Extended Term dedicates 2 hours a day, Monday through Thursday for young artists to complete academic studies. This period allows for collaboration among students, personal interaction with educators, and deeper engagement through classroom discussion. Students are expected to use Fridays and afternoon hours outside of the Academy to stay on top of academic assignments

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