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House Unrest

Music: Disastrato and Zoe Keating
Lighting: Gregory Dolbashian and Daniel McArthur

Choreographers Sidra Bell and Gregory Dolbashian came together to create a two-chapter work of contemporary dance inhabiting the entire ground floor of the Gershwin Hotel. With extreme physicality and vibrant personality, the work pushes the limits of traditional performance, brining its audience very closely into a world of intense relationships and daring movement. The piece exists in every possible corner of the space and provides multiple perspectives for its viewers thus making it a unique viewing experience for each individual audience member, as they surround this incredible movement habitat and are pulled in to share the impact and experience of the performers. All of which is enhanced by the wonderful surroundings provided by the hotel.

First Premiere: The Gershwin Hotel, NYC- April 2009.

Photo: Jubal Battisti